Hublot Kobe”Vino” Bryant Limited Edition Unico 18ct Rose Gold Burgundy




Inside the watch is the in-house made Hublot Unico caliber HUB1261 automatic movement. The unique layout of this dial (which is interesting, but not the most elegant, in my opinion) has the time in a subsidiary dial over 6 o’clock, a subdial for the seconds near 9 o’clock, and a chronograph complication that uses two retrograde hands to measure the minutes and seconds. The hands slowly move from left to right and then jump back to the starting point. Retrograde hands are cool, and Hublot’s use of them in a chronograph is not a bad idea. Retrograde hands cause a lot more wear and tear on a movement as compared to traditional hands that just move in a circle. So using two retrograde hands for the chronograph means that they will not be running all the time and thus will last longer between servicing periods. One issue, however, is that when the chronograph is not running, the hands have a “zero position” which is all the way to the left. This, along with the sub seconds dial at 9 o’clock, means that the dial is visually weighted too much to the left and feels off-balance in the context of symmetry.

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